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KuddelMuddel means an unstructured mess. From the mess, comes our great inspiration, great ideas and great conversation.

KuddelMuddel is a platform for all genre of writers to showcase their writing skills. Be it a story, a poem, a product review, food recipe’s, film reviews, a new start up idea ~ Simply anything you wanted to share with the world.

Let’s KuddelMuddel!

Submission guidelines 

  • The content submitted on KuddelMuddel should be original in nature. 
  • KuddelMuddel does not limit an individual from making multiple entries for multiple categories
  • KuddelMuddel strictly prohibits submission of any content on categories which implicitly/explicitly is deemed a) Offensive b) Religious c)Sexual d) Casteist e) Racist or f) Political in nature
  • KuddelMuddel trusts it’s writers & would not ask for article source
  • KuddelMuddel’s editorial team would conduct due diligence on every submission, however would  assume no responsibility for plagiarism by our writers
  • KuddelMuddel reserves the right to accept or reject any content submission without extending any defending reasoning for the same.
  • KuddelMuddel suggests  content maximization to a limit of 2000 words. In special cases, editorial discretion may be applied if it exceeds the word count limit
  • KuddelMuddel essentially requires a title for your submission.
  • KuddelMuddel requires a brief biographical sketch of the writer in consideration of not more than 150 words in addition to your submission.
  • Content on Kuddel Muddel is not restricted by geographical boundaries. We accept entries from across the globe.
  • KuddelMuddel does not have any linguistic limitations. One is free to submit entries in the language of his/her preference.
  • KuddelMuddel reserves the right to publish/ promote any/all of these submissions on any digital platforms. ( In case of any reservations we request you to email us on
  • KuddelMuddel would respond to your submission within a maximum of 7 days. If not published within 7 days, the content can be considered dis-approved by our editorial team
  • All queries/ grievances to be addressed to Basis nature of query, the concerned team would prioritize & respond accordingly.
  • KuddelMuddel wishes to certify that it is a) A non-partisan entity & b) Has no religious/political affiliations 

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