The Spy ( Netflix Mini Series) review by Movie-Groovy

Will you do anything for the Country the Mossad Chief quips Eli and as expected the answer is affirmative and there begins the story of the Greatest Spy ( or at least that’s what they tell us)



This 6 episode mini-series is a real life story of Eli Cohen, the Mossad Spy in Syria in early 1960’s. What works hugely for this short series is the Hero role played wonderfully by Sacha Baron Cohen ( Acted in the Comedy movie, The Dictator) He brings in a sense of reality to the role he portrays. He looks Vulnerable and most spies are ( Unless you watch Indian Spy Stories). The Transformation of Eli Cohen to Kamel Amen Thaabet looks very authentic so much so that he himself believes he is no more Eli.

The best part of the series is how luck played a huge part in his growth in Syria. His stature grows so much that he is almost in the verge of becoming a Defence Minister and one of the most prolific leader in Syria.

But the thrill element ceases to exist once we understand that his intelligence is limited and he is bound to make mistakes because of his over-eagerness. Smartly the Director make that point obvious and prepares us for his capture in advance.

Still we want to know, how the nosedive of this Powerful agent happens in Syria. The Fall is dramatic and on expected lines.

The Support cast is just adequate with special mention to Alexander Siddig as Ahmed Suidani, the Security adviser who brings about Eli’s downfall.

Hadar Ratzon-Rotem as Nadia Cohen, Eli’s wife who is torn between her love for Husband and the reality looks convincing!

With all its flaws , this is view-able because of high production values and the portrayal of Kamel, who lives as error prone spy caught between loyalties.

It is just a 6 episode series and should make for an interesting view if you are inclined in watching a Good Spy Series.

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