8B, 13th Floor by Aryan Krishna


I never believed in Ghosts from my younger days. In Alpha Nagar 7th cross where an old man passed away after being alone for 20 years, most of the colony guys believed that house was haunted. I was curious and went inside and found that cat and few other animals have made it as their house and proved them wrong. Some people said I am brave but others believed I was foolish but never bothered to tell me.

As I grew older, I became very vocal and often went out of way to prove that it is their imagination. I used to read Psychology books to debunk the ghost theories. Not many people liked my ways, but I was thrilled to prove people wrong.

After a long period of staying in Chennai, I moved to Bangalore. The high rise building which I took for a rent had floors 12 and 14 but not 13, as they believed 13 is bad luck and haunted. My family was not very keen on that house, but I was particular that we took that house. It was 8B, 14th floor ( 13th floor for me) Coral View Apartments, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

After a week of stay in the house, my daughter, Vidya started telling me that she was hearing weird sounds in the night. I didn’t want to snub her and said that to relax and see for one more week. She was scared and asked her mother to sleep in her bedroom.  Strangely my wife also stared hearing those sounds after 2.00 Am in the early mornings. I smiled internally and felt how movies and recent serials have corrupted and inflicted fear psychology in all our minds. Fortunately for them, they were travelling to Jodhpur for a month and were relieved for that break.

As I dropped them in the Airport, Vidya told “Appa, why don’t you stay with Anant Uncle for some time until we come back”. They were genuinely worried about me staying alone in that house. Mom also told to check if we can move to some other property since owner has two more properties in the same place. I promised them that I will handle this and solve this problem.

As I came back to my flat, I saw the security. Went and quizzed him about our flat and asked if people had complained about any Noises. He was hesitant to talk initially, but after a little nudge, said “ Sir, Your flat is haunted, a bachelor named Vinay committed suicide in your flat 2 years ago”! I asked him what else he knows, he said it is kept as secret and that house was locked for 2 years now. I probably now could relate why the rent was so low in such a posh society. It seems that he was an aspiring film director and since he couldn’t get many chances, he committed suicide is what people say concluded the Security. As a passing comment, he said “ Sir! Be careful!

I was taken aback a little. The mind is such a monkey. For the first time in my life, I was little frightened. But was confident that I could prove them wrong this time also.

At around 11.00 in the night, took a stroll around the house and found nothing unusual. Since the IPL matches were on, watched them and somehow slept off in the couch itself. It was not until midnight I woke up and walked up to my room to sleep. I took little water to drink and was about to switch off the light, and I saw that image in the mirror. It was of a human being with the eyes looking red and looking intensely at me. My heart started pounding. All my bravado went down the drain and was now seriously scared. I wanted to run out of the house as soon as possible.

As I took my car keys and was about to exit, I heard the voice clearly saying

Wait! Please Don’t go!”

I somehow knew my time in this world is up! Didn’t know how to react. My heart wanted me to run as quick as possible. I knew if this was true, running would be of no use.. The Omen and The Exorcist started running in my mind in fast forward mode!

I quipped, Who are you? What you want!

Vinay is my name. Just spend some time with me!

What do you want? Are you going to kill me!

Kill You? Why?

That’s what happens in the all the ghost stories.

No! I can’t kill you. I don’t have any power to kill you and why would I want to kill a stranger! The movies and stories are all stupid!

Oh! You are not going to Kill me?  Are you the Vinay who committed suicide?

Yes! I am the same Vinay!

Oh! Why did you commit suicide?

Nah! I didn’t commit suicide. I was bored and had a few pegs extra. After consuming it, I understood it was adulterated. But I was completely drunk and before I could call for help, it all ended.

Why didn’t you leave this place and go to heaven or hell?

I don’t know! I am stuck here!

Why are you stuck?

I don’t know. I have read that if you have unsolved answers in your life, You stay there!

I was relieved. But still couldn’t believe that I was talking to Vinay who died 2 years ago.

You can’t go out?

No, I don’t see anything until midnight. All I can see is this room. Nobody has come and stayed here until last week. Then I saw a young girl. I tried to talk to her. But she was frightened so I kept quiet.

Now are you stuck here forever?

He said Boss, I don’t know. I wish I have answers. But I am bored and want to get out of here!

Ok, what is the answer you seek? So that you can leave, if that theory is true!

Ok. I died on April 27, 2017. I wanted to direct movies and used to watch lots of movies. I had watched Bahubali1 and was waiting for Bahubali 2. The movie was supposed to be released on April 28 but I died a day before.. Please tell me “Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali”

P.S : I moved my TV from the hall to the bedroom and played Bahubali 2 in Netflix. My daughter who has now come back after Summer vacation is surprised that she doesn’t hear any weird sound these days and believes I am a Super hero!

Author: KuddelMuddel

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