Remember to Forget by Sujil Chandra Bose


When the winds brought in

The malice of love

I breathed it for once

Till I could do no more

When two eyes looked at me

And nodded with no fright

It blew the candle away

Leaving two souls and a few gasps

When a hug came wandering

And gathered around my neck

I thought it was need not want

That beckons at sunset

Beneath the sheets or above it

Two pairs of limbs tried to

Unravel the mystery of each other

One too loud, the other so quiet

When the voice said it is true

I believed it would last

More than a summer than

It should in haste otherwise

The eyes that looked into

Now looked yonder in haste

Looking for a door to hurry

As the evening seem to perish

Let me smile alone

As there is some left in the air

The smooth smell that wafts

Along the wool left in haste

Someday, somewhere the

Ebbing heart will forget to

Forget the seething pain

That leaves behind in vain

Will the wind return or the sun

Break the shadows on the run

Some winter would shake

And stir the soup laid in the cold

Here it remains where it

All end the very tall cliff where

Some end their loneliness

And Some begin theirs

The smile will return to haunt

Or to haul me back into the

Fire that erupts in disdain

For the darkness to move for space

Light will leave and the gasps

Will return, but this time both

Will echo the same as one

Will remember to forget the pain

Together they will rain the meadows

Shine the trees and sound the

Morning haze will rush the country

And rule the winds for long

They will look into their own

In mirrors they hold for each other

And hear the drums that rev up

The darling beats that break the mute

Forever will they dance, forever will

They love and forever will the birds

Sing in no rhyme but pure joy

In verses the land never heard

By Sujil Chandra Bose

Author: KuddelMuddel

KuddelMuddel means an unstructured mess. From the mess, comes our great inspiration,great ideas and great conversation. KuddelMuddel is a platform for all genre of writers to showcase their Writing skills. Be it a story, a poem, a product review, a new start up idea ie- Simply anything you wanted to share with the world. KuddelMuddel is part of Butterfliez Advertising Services LLP, Bangalore. Lets KuddelMuddel!

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