Dreams of Padhu by Venkat


I am Padmini, friends call me Padhu. Today I am joining as a junior professor, with lot of dreams; hope my young friends support me in this journey.
There was so much criticism from my parents when I chose my line of subject, but I convinced them with lot of effort, I am sure that I will make them proud one day!. There is no point in doing things, for which we don’t have a passion, may be we’ll get a higher package with such choice, not the happiness. At times we have to choose a carrier for the sake of personal issues, but we can pursue our passion if we have a will, as a hobby.
Padmini’s ideas

It’s been 3 months after I joined the college. I wanted to promote innovation among my friends. They can learn the subject from the book at last minute of exam but innovation comes with thinking, a long process which requires persistence hard work and good observation power. To promote innovation to others good networking and communication skills are required.
I encourage my friends to submit different kinds of projects apart from the routine ones.
I believe in innovation, rather than marks. It is people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are being remembered and not the people who topped their class.
The country’s growth depends on innovation; it is the hardest truth not being realized.
People have to realize it and stop our precious young minds being drained from India.
I don’t want to be one among the people who says “Rich becomes richer, poor becomes poor” or one who shares “Happy Independence Day” in social sites. I am worried about my country’s future. One side young brains are drained and other side we are being controlled by foreign investors. No doubt foreign companies have improved our income. But still we are depending on other countries.
I feel it is time to act, we need to promote innovation among ourselves and in next generations.
Padmini’s Approach to various issues
Chapter -3

Gender-Equality: To achieve this, we need both women empowerment and men supporting, till now we have changed the way girl gets raised. There should be a change where boys should be raised, say the unsung characters of woman warrior, story of Pinocchio/Disney Pinocchio, modified story of Cinderella where, instead of waiting for a prince, she starts studying and she completes the school, gets job establishes her own kingdom and education and her thought gives her freedom and not the prince. Just narrate the story irrespective of gender, it’s a matter of 20 years, today’s kids with better thoughts becomes better youngsters.
Better Leaders: Get the lives of great leaders printed in books, get their thoughts in the children. Leaders may change but each of them have their own personality. No country can win war even if they win it physically raise a generation with better children, better citizen and better leaders.
Above thoughts can be brought through the bed time stories by the parents.
If the students or any online sites start having competition on bed time stories to address gender gap issue, many writers will contribute. Some can sell them as an online version or a printed version.
History is already present, but we can change through our writing, as soil is still in our hand.
Empathy based Education. It is time to have an empathy education, where an assignment given to the kid and the kid explores with their parents and grand parents where they can understand the importance of gender and feel empathetic of the situation across the gender. Involvement of elders as well helps to realise issues like child abuse. It is about the awakening the kindness in them, that can pull someone from committing a crime against the kid. When one commits a crime they become a wild beast. If a wild beast can be controlled in circus, why can’t we achieve it with empathy?
Moreover this message can be spread with help of red cross / NSS as a street play, as to make a change, to reach every corners of the world and even as an novice art in social media with the thoughts. This is so important as mind takes some time to accept, repetitiveness is very important in this case.
Padmini’s Approach to child laborer
One of the reasons why I choose this profession is to spread my ideas to my friends.
No matter many parents have realized the importance of education, but still we can see “chotoos” around us. The main reason for this is poverty.
How can we motivate people to send “chottos” to school?
One of the possible ways is to provide a small stipend, better than what their children get paid.
Children are creative; no matter they are from rich or poor family.
Put a dot on a board and ask them for answer?
We will get different answers from them.
But from a grown up individuals, the answer is “dot” which is unanimous.
if we could promote and sell the various creative arts, such as painting, embroider, sculptures, accessories designing, tattoo stickers etc. which are being made by the children during their art sections we can make money out of it and the government can pay it as a stipend to the “chottos”.
Here is the plan:
In the name of fashion we have been wearing ornaments, and apparels, which are costly; sometimes we can’t dispose them and remains unused.
Fashion has evolved through the years, so is the poverty and gender gap.
A small initiative, if happens from students through collaboration probably there will be a better future for kids who are still fighting the poverty.
A fashion, made out of candy and various types of nuts, could be used as an accessories for children and youngsters.
Being a recyclable, product they are environment friendly as well.
When hungry, the product can be consumed by opening the package.
Some of the nuts are helpful for child’s growth, and avoids obesity.
When the design gets contributed by the children for the children, humanity is born.
Moreover, nothing can be replaced with learning by touch, so many senses gets activated in while designing.
The funds raised, can be used to adopt some schools that are nearby to the college,
And students can provide help to those kids who are in need.
If this program becomes part of NSS activity, it will be even better. When it gets implemented by students by collaborating, from different streams like marketing, arts, sociology, finance stream etc. it will be seen as a social change, and not another business product.
“Change in fashion for few decades can bring a better country, with better kids and thought.
What we wear can not only define fashion, it can define future of a country!”
I have been trying to spread this message, but couldn’t succeed by being a low profile individual. Now I have decided to use my young friends. I have shared this message to them. I believe in “Message from a youth to a youth”.
My friends have been sharing this message through cultural events organised by colleges / schools being attended by various special guests, and through other media such as, short films ,newspapers, college/school articles and radio shows.
This is just a fission reaction which I have triggered in youngster, “an attempt to marshal future India”
Hope my friends give me support. Students, parents hope they will be part of this initiative!

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