Mystic hue by Sujil Chandra Bose


The morning breaks in silence

A mystic hue wakes me hence

A hearty laugh away returns

The walls stare, a smile burns

Rotating wind above whispers

While the heart throbs the fears

Life happens at times

When memories rude, chimes

Strange it may sound

Trifle late is better than never abound

The crooning bird doesn’t whine

And the sun knows it has to shine

The temple bells ring in the day

Storm or quiet, I cannot say

The hue threatens to clear

The laugh splashes in cheer

The day begins with a smile

Hope, I see written on the mile

Author: KuddelMuddel

KuddelMuddel means an unstructured mess. From the mess, comes our great inspiration,great ideas and great conversation. KuddelMuddel is a platform for all genre of writers to showcase their Writing skills. Be it a story, a poem, a product review, a new start up idea ie- Simply anything you wanted to share with the world. KuddelMuddel is part of Butterfliez Advertising Services LLP, Bangalore. Lets KuddelMuddel!

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