500 Rupees by Bala


I decided today is the day. This has been troubling me for a few months now and I couldn’t take it any further.

Me and Vijay work for a Private bank and have known each other for the last 11 years. We had joined this bank almost at the same time and our career graphs have gone north and we are in quite senior positions now. Over the period of these years, our friendship has grown stronger and he is the go to man for any of my issues and vice-versa.  But this issue has been troubling me for last six months and I didn’t want to take the stress any further.  I didn’t feel comfortable to ask him directly and hence decided sending a mail would be the appropriate way to handle this!

Timing was the essence of this mail. It was 6.30 pm on a Friday evening. Vijay was off for a movie with his family and he would read this mail tomorrow morning only. It gives me Saturday and Sunday to prepare any more responses I could think of if at all he confronts me.

Since it was Christmas Eve, the office was empty and it gave me ample time to construct my email. I made a few changes to my initial draft and hit the send button.

Dear Vijay,

Sorry to bring this up. This is just to let you know about Rs 500 which you owe me. If you recall, last June we had gone to Big Bazaar and since your card was not working, you had taken Rs 500 from me. You had promised to give me the next day and you never did. Probably you would have forgotten this amidst your busy schedule. But this keeps haunting me every day and although the amount is too small, the way I have been behaving off late with you is little weird & over the top and I found this Rs 500 to be the exact reason for the same. I have tried to remind you subtly on the same but you seem to have completely forgotten this and I don’t want this to dampen our relationship whatsoever, and hence I am shooting this mail. I feel quite cheap raising this with you and didn’t have guts to ask this openly. Hope you understand.

Enclosed: Transaction Screen Shot



I sent this and finally the monkey was off my back. I was convinced that I have done the correct thing finally and I prayed Vijay would understand. I was also worried what Vijay would think of me. He is one of my best companions and I dreaded to think he would walk away from me after all this.

On Saturday morning, I got a SMS alert confirming that Rs 500 was transferred to my account by Vijay. But there was no reply to my email and I became more anxious. On Sunday around 4.00 pm I received a reply for my email.

Dear Ram,

Hey… I read your mail. It had completely slipped of my mind and I just recollected it. I have made the 500 Rs transfer to you. My apologies mate.

P.S : I was going through a similar conundrum a year back, when I had paid 1200 and 750  to you on two different  occasions ( 1200 for Petrol refilling and 750 for the movie tickets you bought for your family) and didn’t know how to ask you. It had affected me little bit. I have the transaction screen shots of the same, however didn’t feel it is appropriate to ask you about the same

Meet you tomorrow at office.



Author: KuddelMuddel

KuddelMuddel means an unstructured mess. From the mess, comes our great inspiration,great ideas and great conversation. KuddelMuddel is a platform for all genre of writers to showcase their Writing skills. Be it a story, a poem, a product review, a new start up idea ie- Simply anything you wanted to share with the world. KuddelMuddel is part of Butterfliez Advertising Services LLP, Bangalore. Lets KuddelMuddel!

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