Chakrasana-The Wheel Pose by Yoga with Isha

TOP 3 things to let go off this 2019..
1.Let go of Beliefs & Thoughts that don’t serve you or make you stronger
2.Let go of Ego by reminding yourself you are more than just that
3.Let go of Fear of the unknown by Trusting the process



Practicing your wheel pose:

You want to start practicing your chakrasana with a beginners variation of just lifting your butt off the ground and interlocking your fingers underneath you for a deeper stretch. This helps build low back strength. As you progress you will build enough strength and flexibility to lift your shoulders and torso off the floor supported by your hands.

Some of the many BENEFITS of wheel pose aka Chakrasana: 

1)Strengthens your arms, wrists, shoulders, back and legs
2)Alleviates low back pain, restores spine strength
3)Optimal functioning of your liver, kidney and pancreas
4)Excellent for your heart and respiratory issues like asthma

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