Love Tales from Koramangala

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February 13th 2019

Jaggu hated the valentine’s week.  During this period, he had to open the shop at 7.00 in the morning and go until night 11.00. Suddenly there is a spurt in delivery and he had to go back and forth throughout Koramangala for home delivery. Koramangala is a nightmare if you are a delivery guy. Often, he thought he should quit Floral Express and join “Doña Pakyta” a Spanish restaurant next to his shop. His friend Raja works there and often he brings food from the restaurant in the night and they would sit in the shop and eat and discuss their future. But one of the reasons he couldn’t quit was Raju Bhai. Raju Bhai was the owner of the shop and he had promised Jaggu that after his time is over, the shop would be owned by Jaggu. Raju bhai’s advice to Jaggu was very simple. “Don’t look at our customers as somebody who wants to buy flowers. They have a story to tell. That Story is our business. Observe them closely and you know how to succeed”. Jaggu had decided he will give it a try.


Aditi – Age-33- School Teacher (What is life where there is no time to sit and stare)

Aditi loved the bus travel with kids to the school. She would make it a point to smile at every kid who gets in and that was one of the reasons why she was very popular with the students. She worked as a higher secondary teacher in Indus school. She was soft spoken, and subtle. She has been married to Raghav for 4 years now. These 4 years made her realise how different she is to Raghav. Raghav is a workaholic and planned his every move ahead. He hated surprises and had OCD for cleanliness. Life with him looked like watching Arnab’s debate, i.e. Pointless when you know the ending before itself. But her life looked better after Sunil Joined her school as a Yoga Teacher. Full of energy, Sunil had a huge sense of self-depreciating humour. He was a musician and sang Ghazals beautifully. Aditi didn’t know much about him until he sung Hame tumse pyaar kitna Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante.. Magar.. Jee nahi sakte tumha reee binaa”. She was bowled over that day and made it a point to wish him on his performance. The next day she received a “WhatsApp” message from Sunil saying, “You looked Wonderful in the Saree yesterday, Coffee tomorrow?”  Although both haven’t openly told their feelings, their vibe was unmissable.  She would have loved to meet Sunil for dinner on the Valentine’s day but Raghav had already made plans for dinner at Doña Pakyta.

Raghav-Age 39, Director of a Software Company (Only the Paranoid survive)

Raghav loved to drive when there was no traffic. He felt horrible driving in India especially during peak traffic in Koramangala. His office was in Sarjapur and he had no option but to drive. He and Charmaine arrived early to office so that they could steal some private moments. Charmaine was HR director in his company. He detested people without ambitions and Charmaine surprised him. She openly asked him to promote her and threatened to move on otherwise. Initially he didn’t appreciate that, but over a period of time he was convinced of her abilities and the value she brought to the company. As the industry grew, they had to travel often together outside India and that brought them closer. He liked her competitiveness and often wondered how life would have been with her! Living with Aditi was a torture. She was clumsy and clearly low on intellect. Her life was dreamy and he felt she was scared to meet the reality.  She used to show her drawings initially and he wouldn’t understand anything of that. Life with her resembled like the Art movie we all saw on Sunday afternoons in Doordarshan during our younger days. We didn’t understand anything of it but still we watched because we didn’t know what else to do! Today he left little early to office. He checked in at Floral Express and ordered 2 bouquets. -Red for Aditi and Orange for Charmaine. Both Home Delivery!

Charmaine Age 31, HR head of the software company (Stay Strong and make them wonder how you’re still smiling)

Charmaine knew she was beautiful and she was very proud of that. At 31, when people of her age were still scheduling interviews, Charmaine was already the Head -HR of the company. She found people boring and never trusted anyone. Probably her broken love was a reason for that.  She hated people who were idle and who weren’t strong mentally. Unfortunately, her husband Vicky was that category. He had a huge bunch of female friends and he was living in his own dreamy world passing the time. He earned half of her salary from his so-called Gym. She knew she had to run the family over a period of time and Raghav was good Guinea pig for that. Although Raghav appeared very strong he was very fallible.  But she liked him for certain reasons including his aggressiveness when it comes to Sales. It was no small feat to get big deals every quarter and Raghav knew how to do it. She wanted to use their proximity to get a fair bit of stock options in the next quarter which will significantly increase her net worth. She would have loved to spend time with Raghav on Valentine’s day but Vicky had already made plans for Dinner at Doña Pakyta

Vicky- 35 Fitness Freak, runs a Gym (Life is too much fun to just go in one direction)

The cool weather seemed to have completely gone out of Bangalore even at 7.00 today morning and as he jogged he felt little more warmer. Vicky was tall, handsome and had a very fit muscular body. He was fit and agile from young age and when people asked him to help to make them fitter, he knew running a Gym would be his profession. The advantages of running a Gym is that you tend to get acquaintance of multiple women. A natural flirt, Vicky believed in new experiences every month. His new target was Vidya. Vidya was dusky, little short and had beautiful big eyes. She joined the Gym two months back and they already had met couple of times together outside. He enjoyed spending time with Vidya. Charmaine was different. She made him feel unwanted most of the time. She felt she was too beautiful and too arrogant. She earned more than him and that made her feel invincible and was visible in her attitude. But Vicky was not bothered. He thought about Vidya and the time they spent last evening together. He stepped in floral express and ordered two bouquets- Orange for Vidya and Red for Charmaine. Both Home Delivery!

Vidya- 21 MBA Student (The Naughty deserves presents too)

Vidya’s life was at cross roads. She was in a live-in relationship with Sunil but seemed too attracted with Vicky. She knew Vicky was married and she was just one among many of his choices. But she seemed to like the attention she got when Vicky was around him. However hard she tried she couldn’t help imagining things with him. She liked people who had witty answers and quick retorts. Vicky had too many of them. Just the opposite of Sunil. For a guy in 27, Sunil seemed to be too matured. An ideal Sunday for him is to get up at 6 and do yoga, where as she would love the cuddle and probably sleep until noon. He was very good at singing but often sang old Kishore Kumar songs. She wanted him to sing Rap and fast songs and Sunil would smile and walk away. He never got angry. Even if you tease him, he would never get offended. Sometimes she felt that she is living with a saint already. She would have loved to go out with Vicky tomorrow but Sunil had already made plans for Dinner at Doña Pakyta

Sunil-27 Singer/ Musician / Yoga Teacher (The quieter you become the clearer you hear)

Sunil was a self-made person. He was orphaned at a young age and grew up in one of the famous Ashrams. One of the benefits of growing up in Ashrams was that he had plenty of time to learn different things. He loved singing Bhajans and was good in playing Tabla too. Vidya was his neighbour near the Ashram and they both started seeing each other from their young days. As Vidya insisted they moved in together to live in Koramangala, but somehow in his mind he thought Vidya was not suitable for him. She was too fast for his liking. He was confused about their future. He seemed to like people who had a sense of creativity. Aditi was one. Although senior to him in the school he worked, Sunil was bowled over by her sense of creativity. Her drawings often communicated some sort of pain but he was too scared to ask her about it. He wanted to know her better and the Annual day became a perfect opportunity. He was too scared to say anything now and lose this relationship although he knew Aditi was married. He felt time is essence for everything as he stepped into floral express and ordered two bouquets- Red for Vidya and Orange for Aditi. Both Home Delivery!

February 14th– Valentine’s day Night~ Doña Pakyta

It was a fantastic evening at Doña Pakyta. The place had seen so many couples and the management would have loved to keep it open for some more time. But new rules meant they had to close it at 12.  As people waited for their cars in the valet parking, all the 3 couples saw each other and got introduced. The happiness for each one of them was palpable. Vicky suggested they should all take a selfie celebrating the love of their life and they all posed happily.

Jaggu and Raja were watching them from the Floral express. Jaggu remembered them clearly. He had delivered two roses to all the women today morning and the men who ordered them were also there.

He was not quite sure what was happening but he thought all of them looked really happy.

They were “Happy” with the Red Roses in their hand!

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